Expressions of the Blues: Portraits on Tin Tile

Curator, Carol Boss

June 2nd – September 29th 2018

These portraits are painted in an expressionistic style with acrylic paints and gel mediums on antique ceiling tile. Antiqued bronze dust is then rubbed onto the portraits before being sealed with a high gloss varnish to add depth and a historic feel to the paintings. Each tile is encased in a stained and clear gloss coated wooden frame to represent the era of the tile.

“Expressions of the Blues is a collection of painted portraits of Blues, R&B, Soul and Gospel musicians. The artists I’ve chosen to paint are people whose music and stories truly inspire me. I have seen many of them perform which has given me the opportunity to photograph and video them. I have been lucky to share conversations, friendships and a common love for the Blues with some of these artists. I am trying to create an emotion in these paintings. I want the audience to really get the feel of the artist in the piece through the brush strokes, color,  and expressions in their eyes and faces.” – Carol Boss, Curator


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