John Goodman Shows Support and “Bucks up for the Blues”

We are honored that renowned actor John Goodman has lent his talents to our fund raising effort. Being a native of Saint Louis and an avid music fan, he’s a natural fit. A quick glance through his impressive IMDb page shows a devotion to his passions.


Actor John Goodman, a Saint Louis native, is the latest high profile personality to advocate the National Blues Museum in Saint Louis. In a video posted on YouTube today (seen below), Goodman discusses the rich history of blues in Saint Louis, the many famous blues men and women that called the town home, and the Museum’s exciting features.

“I’m proud to know that my hometown is doing something no city’s ever done before,” he begins. In the video, Goodman discusses the history of Saint Louis Blues, the powerful blues icons that came from the city, and says that the museum would be a welcome addition to Saint Louis, and a fitting tribute to America’s greatest musical art form.

Our local Saint Louis Post-Dispatch ran a nice article on the video along with CBS stationKMOX and Fox station KTVI.

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